Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 318 Thoughtful

My first thought today was what is the difference between thoughtful and ponder.  Then I started thinking about thoughtful acts and knew that if I waited until evening there would be some thoughtful act that Peter did for me to photograph.  I was dead right
This morning I was trying to find these tops.  Peter found them after I had left but didn't put them away as he wasn't sure where they went.  He was thoughtful enough to tell me where I had left them though.

The other day I mended a bubble tube with super glue.  Knowing my track record with super glue (remember the chair stuck to the floor!!!!) I was really careful.  Not careful enough.  As well as sticking the loop back on this one I managed to stick the lid on permentally.  I tried to free it in the day and failed.  I mentioned it to Peter and he just quietly picked it up and made it fit for use again.  I was very grateful for the quiet thoughtful act.


  1. Mmm, my Col is a great fire maker, most days and I always feel grateful for that x

  2. Peter is really thoughtful. you're a very lucky person

  3. Ha, that's so funny what can happen to us. When I read super glue, I thought about the chair and ... Oh no, what happened to her ?
    I think next year Kathi with her memories challenge might cause us having a lot of fun, recalling all the stupid things that can happen, because I would have a lot to tell ! xx

  4. Very thoughtful acts, makes a day worthwhile :)

  5. Think Peters' must be thoughtful people as my Peter is too, the name means a 'rock'sounds as though yours is your rock :)

  6. That is a reason I miss a husband/partner, just someone else to help out everyday. Well done to yours :) xx


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