Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 319 and 320

Day 319 Nostalgic
I have volunteered to cook the veggie option for a meal at church on Friday evening.  Many years ago I was veggie and loved making this recipe so in a way revisiting it is sort of nostalgic.  The amazing thing was even though I hadn't cooked it for years I could remember that it was recipe number 63.

Day 320 Uplifting
Another food theme today.  After my baking success last week I decided that maybe I should practise some fancy decorations.  Having seen so much spun sugar and caramel cages I decided to have a play.   In true me style I didn't bother to find out the proper way to do it but just heated some sugar in a saucepan.  My attempts weren't exactly award winning but I didn't burn it and I sort of got some shape.  A lot of practise is required but my first attempts were very uplifting.
Oh yes and I made the recipe form yesterday.


  1. well done with the spun sugar, enjoy your meal tomorrow night.

  2. These caramel things look fantastic !

  3. Well done on doing the spun sugar and the recipe looks great. x

  4. Congratulations!
    Great for the theme.
    I love vegetarian food - the recipe looks great!

  5. The spun sugar always looks so impressive- well done! Hope everyone enjoys the tasty looking meal.

  6. Wow spun sugar is very difficult to do so well done and I too am sure the meal at church tomorrow will be great!! xx


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