Saturday, November 17, 2012

Days 321 and 322

Day 321 Fence
I didn't get round to taking a photo on Friday.  Today Saturday I was trimming some shrubs at the top of the garden.  Our back hedge has been trimmed a bit further than we would have wished but look into it and there is a fence
Day 322 Books
One very good use for books is putting on top of layouts to hold embellishments down as the glue sets.  This is just what I used them for today.


  1. Yep, I use books for those sorts of jobs too!

  2. Books are ideal for those type of jobs as well as reading.

  3. Yep, many books have this usage here too !

  4. Great idea for the prompt. Heavy hardbacks are very useful too. I have a charity shop dictionary find which does the job and I can use the pages for scrapping!

  5. Books are just so versatile!!

    Jennie- great idea for a dictionary. I must start looking out for them. I can't get away with bringing real life books in at the moment. I've done a good job of rehoming a lot this year. It's a good job my kindle is so well stocked now!


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