Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 365 Red

Oh dear things did really go to pot, I even gave up on the course for the last couple of days.
Well Today was the last day of term and I came home not only feeling like crafting (haven't really felt like that for weeks) but also I could face the thought of taking a photo.
Here are the earnings I have been wearing to school this week.  Yesterday was party day so I turned them on and they flashed.  It was a pretty pathetic flash but still fun.


  1. These are lovely Alison, to get into Xmas spirit ! x

  2. They are so cool, I have to find something similar for next holidays. Well done that you feel like crafting - I feel totally empty and exhausted.

  3. I only go into school one afternoon a week and the children/staff and parents are all ready for the holidays....enjoy your time off :) The earrings are great. I am looking forward to no school runs for 2 weeks :)

  4. Enjoy your hols and a rest from school too!! I remember wearing those flashing earrings to work as a teacher, great fun though rather tacky to wear anywear else LOL!!
    We have nearly done the year now so don't give up!!!! xxxxxx


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