Monday, December 31, 2012

Day 365+1

Well I almost completed the challenge and it's great to have a record of the year in photos.  As I look back over the year it's the things that I am grateful for that come to the fore.
My first big thanks is for my job,  I have so loved being in employment again.  Not just for the money (although that has been very handy) but I have grown in confidence and rediscovered parts of the old me that I thought were long forgotten.  And I love being given pictures from the children which go on my fridge.
 I know that I have made reference to this confidence in previous posts but it has been such a major part of my year that it has to be mentioned here.  One of my old loves that I have picked up and grown with has been cake decorating.  Still very much a novice here are some mini cakes that I have been working on the last couple of days.
 Of course none of this would have been half so good if Peter hadn't been there supporting and encouraging.  Oh dear, think it's worn him out!!
 Another great joy has been meeting up with our God daughter (well we were never officially god parents just known as them - don't ask) .  Meeting her husband and seeing how happy they are together was just great.
And the last joy of the year has yet to come.  Our God son (same confusion as with our god daughter) has been in contact and will be coming to stay later this week.  I am so excited and feel so blessed that as adults they still want to be in touch.  This is only his facebook photo.


  1. How lovely to have all these 'god children' who want to spend time with you. It's been a pleasure sharing the 365 journey with you.

  2. Thanks for completing the challenge Alison! I hope 2013 brings you much happiness and joy xxx

  3. Beautiful last post Alison. You God daughter does seem happy. I am like you, never had children and my goddaughter is very important to me.
    Lovely photo of Peter, I wonder if he will be able to stay up 'til midnight, lol ! Happy you go to Lucky Snapping too ! xxx

  4. Alison. Youve certainly had a good year and it looks like things can only get better next year. It shows what lovely people you are to have adult godchildren want to see you. See you next year.

  5. looks like 2013 will be a lovely year for you and your family. Happy new year. Those cakes look great too :)

  6. I'm so happy you are grateful for the year, it is the best way to be, especially at difficult times. I have loved seeing your takes on the prompts and glad you are carrying on with us. xxx

  7. Your cakes look fantastic xxx
    Happy New Year to you and Peter and have a wonderful meet up with your Godson xxxx

  8. Super little cakes and you know grown up kids can bring as much joy as the little 'uns xx


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