Thursday, December 27, 2012

Days 360 to 362

Day 360 Something on your Table
Well this photo should have been one of Christmas dinner for two.  However this was not to be.  I was woken up at 8am (having got to bed at 1.30am) by the phone.  It was my brother.  He had been expecting to go to Mum's for dinner but Mum had just phoned to say she had gone down with a bad cold and didn't want to pass it on.  The phone call was to ask if they could come here.  So half asleep I was working out that yes we had enough turkey and pudding but veg might be a bit short, so they brought veg with them.  It turned out to be a wonderful day.  As a child Christmas was always a nightmare and since being married I have avoided my family at Christmas because of the arguments. I have however always wanted a family Christmas and felt sad that it was probably never going to happen.  Thanks to Mum's cold this year it did.
Lunch was so much fun I forgot to take a photo.  Here though is supper which we picked at through the evening and was a combination of our and my brothers fridge contents.
The other table had to be the coffee table which was just smothered in things.
Day 361 Delight
We had been expecting my brother to come today so they stayed over last night.  Today's photo has to be of my niece as she was eating her lunch, so full of giggles and delight.
Day 362 Special
As much as I loved having family here today is special because I am on my own in a lovely quiet house.  Peter is working and I am clearing old files from my computer.  Because my old computer was stolen I have thousands of files that have been recovered from various CDs and memory sticks.  They contain all the data I lost but not the file name.  Because deleted files have also been recovered there are several copies of many files and the only way to sort through is to open the file and decide if I want to keep it.  I am also spending some time scrapping.  How to photograph being on my own was a challenge.  In the end I decided to snap the calendar showing the date for today and tomorrow.  The calendar was given to us by a very special couple as well.


  1. Your post is beautiful today Alison. I am so glad you ended up having a nice Xmas. Spending quality time with nice people is one of the best things we can do for Xmas.
    I also appreciated this one more than normally because I had prepared myself to the fact my Dad might not be well and I would stay in France while Dennis would have gone back to UK to get the dogs from the sitter and the kids. It ended up all perfect for us too.

  2. Great that you had a good time in the end.

  3. so pleased you had a lovely day

  4. I always think that those impromptu parties are the best and bring out the best in everyone. Sorry I didn't link the cookie dough truffles, the recipe is on my other blog HERE Enjoy!

  5. Excellent post! Bravo!
    Janice has a right - improvised meetings are the best!!
    I agree - Great that you had a good time!

  6. Yes, I agree, impromtu events are usually the best. So glad you had a lovely Christmas with your brother.


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