Sunday, December 30, 2012

Days 363 and 265

Day 363 Something I would Change
My first thought was the size of my hips and posterior.  Then I thought that was a bit flippant and went the other way.  The change I would wish for most would have to be a change from conflict to peace, in the small as well as the large things in life.  This is the only way I could think of photographing this.

Day 365 End
As I read today's word our tin of Heros was fast coming to an end.  Opps it ended.


  1. great photos...we still have a mountain of chocolate to get through...which isnt good for hips, lol

  2. Love your 2 ideas for prompts. I agree with you about changes from conflict to peace what a great idea
    I've still got lots of chocolates left but I'm starting healthy eating again New Years Day. Roland will eat the chocs as they don't affect him.

  3. Great hands picture and we all agree, I guess we are all thinking about the former as well though. I know my hips would stop crashing into people if they were smaller ;) xxx

  4. Great choice of changes and a good photo to show harmony and peace tooxxxx Our sweeta are nearly at an end and no more for me after today!! SW here I came again!! xxxx


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